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Mental Silence and Meditation

The running monologue inside our heads has a way of putting up a dividing wall between us and our happiness. We can relate to the severity of this issue in extreme cases such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or depression. Our stream of consciousness – at its most malicious – can commandeer our entire view of ourselves and dim our view on the outside world. This mind-gone-wild affliction touches us all, to differing degrees.

‘I think, therefore I am’, was René Descartes’ line from Discourse on the Method.¹ Our awareness of self is our defining characteristic. Furthermore, our ability as human beings to reflect upon, and investigate our thoughts – and the neural basis of these thoughts – is veritably mind-blowing. However, when self-awareness turns into incessant mind-chatter, we begin to question its value and seek ways to quiet the noise.

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