Introduction to Mindfulness – ‘The Issue at Hand’

An excerpt from Gil Fronsdal’s freely available book, ‘The Issue at Hand’, available in The Issue at Hand by Gil Fronsdal in 8 languages including Spanish and Chinese.

Once upon a time, long ago, people walked about barefoot. One day, the queen, walking across a rock field, cut her foot on a sharp stone. Annoyed, she called together her ministers and ordered the Queendom carpeted with leather. One wise minister stepped forward and suggested an easier way.”Rather than covering the entire realm, let’s cover the soles of everyone’s feet.” The Queen agreed and that was the origin of shoes.

Our biggest influence as individuals is with our own touch points to both our external and internal worlds. Cultivating a meta-awareness of these points of contact is a cultivation of mindfulness.
I highly recommend this book as an introduction to mindfulness which offers insight into the human condition, from a Buddhist perspective.