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Meditation and Observing the Background Processes of our Minds

Our words, thoughts and deeds are like our hair and skin. They are manifestations of our inner health. We apply conditioner to remedy dry, brittle hair, Clearasil or tea tree oil to acne, blush to a pale complexion. Likewise we apply apologies and remorse to harsh words, we indulge in or avoid our thoughts, and justify or regret (or both) our questionable deeds. At some point, we realize these solutions are too late, and rather than addressing the root cause, we’re playing whack-a-mole with our ailments.

Before attaining any skill in mindfulness meditation, with absolutely no experience or momentum on your side, you can begin to assess the quality of your mind. Even in five minutes – eyes closed, sitting still – you will observe various ongoing processes running in your mind. This is a snapshot of your inner experience which you may not have been aware of.

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